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The customer not the car: ALD’s Innovation Lab

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 ALD is revising how it carries out its business and its Innovation Lab is key to the changes, as John Kendall found out.

Wraps come off top fleet cars at Geneva Motor Show

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A look at the top 10 highlights for fleets at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Implementing telematics – Learning from truck success

2 months ago / 0 comments

Telematics systems have been much more successful with truck fleets than among car fleets. What could car fleets learn? Steve Banner reports.

How risky is your fleet… and your drivers?

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A resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly earlier this year seems set to raise the standards under which fleet vehicles are driven, operated and managed around the world, reports Dave Moss.

Focus on Portugal: The road to recovery?

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Portugal is the western-most country in Europe, a south-western portion of the Iberian Peninsula. It is far smaller than its neighbour Spain, but both countries are home to a number of automotive manufacturers and …

EV charging gets smarter

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Perhaps best known in the West for its all-electric buses, Chinese manufacturer BYD has a variety of other products in its armoury. Back in January it delivered 35 battery-powered T3 vans to DHL International …

Make the future: A look at impending fleet challenges

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Diversity of fleet portfolio The challenges of meeting the transport demands of an increasingly urbanised population was identified as a key industry trend; “The younger generation in particular is not demanding the traditional …

EV? Plug-In? Hybrid?

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Electric vehicles on charge Although drivers have concerns with range anxiety for electric vehicle, current EVs offer a realistic daily working rangeElectric vehicle technology is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. Mercedes-Benz …

A new era for electric vehicles?

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Achieving the impossible? Battery technology is moving on apace. Until recently, the prospect of a battery electric heavy truck was more-or-less impossible, because the weight of the battery pack would have reduced …

European truck cartel disbanded

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European truck manufacturers supply most of the vehicles used for road transport in Western Europe and all these companies operate globally. DAF is a wholly owned subsidiary of US PACCAR, which owns the North …