European new car market to be all-electric by 2035, report claims

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All new passenger cars sold in Europe could be electric by 2035, with driver concerns with charging infrastructure, range anxiety and pricing about to be overcome, according to new research.

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The report claims that EVs could have a 100% share in new cars by 2035. Image: Honda

The report by Dutch bank ING finds says new battery technology should improve range to increasingly meet consumer expectations from 2020 onwards while a continued decline in battery costs will enable a high-range battery electric vehicle to become cost competitive with a comparable petrol car in 2024 – with the break-even point moving to 2028 for cars equipped with a longer-range battery. At the same time ICE cars with face higher costs due to stricter emissions regulation. And ultra fast charging of batteries will enable a 300km charge in 20 minutes, which will further improve over time.

The report adds that a growth path in which battery electric vehicles near a 100% share in new cars by 2035 is increasingly realistic, challenging Europe’s automotive industry, which holds close to 25% of global car production.

The researchers said the move will have a drastic impact on the European car market. Currently, European car manufacturers are at the forefront of internal combustion engines (25% market share), but their share in lithium-ion production used in electric cars is only 3%. Therefore, it is likely that both Asia and North-America will get a bigger foothold in the European car market due to their great supply of resources.

The report’s authors added that the challenge for Europe’s automotive industry will be to move from a traditional business model in which value is drawn from production and sales of cars to a business model that offers value in facilitating efficient and affordable car usage. Opportunities lie in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, such as leasing and car sharing, which can be optimised by electric cars.

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