Alex Grant 3 September, 2018

First Drive: Peugeot 508

Peugeot goes premium with the 508 – and convincingly, too. By Alex...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 16 August, 2018

First Drive: Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai’s electric SUV marks a tipping point for EVs, but there’s a...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 10 August, 2018

First Drive: Jeep Renegade

The junior Jeep is taking a step towards a diesel-free future, explains...
Road Tests
Jonathan Musk 31 July, 2018

First Drive: Volkswagen Touareg

The new tech-laden Touareg aims to continue its fleet appeal. By Jonathan...
Road Tests
Jonathan Musk 26 July, 2018

First Drive: Jaguar I-Pace

Does Jaguar’s first electric car meet expectations? Jonathan Musk finds out… (more…)
Road Tests
Alex Grant 17 July, 2018

First Drive: Citroën C4 Cactus

There are some pleasant surprises behind the quirky C4 Cactus’s restyle, explains...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 1 July, 2018

First Drive: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Already a cornerstone of the range, the new A-Class feels a cut...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 20 June, 2018

Road Test: Ford Kuga ST-Line

Can Ford’s sportiest SUV stop drivers migrating to the premium brands? Alex...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 18 June, 2018

Road Test: Kia Stinger GT

Kia’s 370hp flagship is a turning point beyond its modest sales expectations,...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 1 June, 2018

First Drive: Audi A7 Sportback 50 TDI quattro

Audi’s sector-bridging coupé isn’t just a style statement, says Alex Grant. (more…)
Road Tests
Jonathan Musk 19 May, 2018

Road Test: Volvo S90 T8

Volvo’s luxury saloon gains plug-in hybrid power, finds Jonathan Musk. (more…)
Road Tests
Alex Grant 8 May, 2018

First Drive: Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen has big plans for its compact crossover, says Alex Grant. (more…)
Road Tests
Alex Grant 1 May, 2018

Road Test: Range Rover Velar

If you’ve outgrown your Evoque, the Velar might be just what you...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 1 May, 2018

Road Test: Volkswagen e-Golf

A longer range and more power make the electric Golf even easier...
Road Tests
Alex Grant 23 April, 2018

Road Test: Škoda Karoq

The Yeti’s larger successor has the market’s best crossovers in its sights,...
Road Tests