Driving bans imposed in Paris and Lyon

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French temporary environmental zones are already in place following the current heatwave in Europe.

 Buying a French Crit’Air vignette is not enough, warns Green-Zones

Buying a French Crit’Air vignette is not enough, warns Green-Zones

Buying a French Crit’Air vignette is the first step to driving under these circumstances, but it is also necessary to know exactly how, when and in which temporary zones entry is prohibited and which Crit’Air badge class is allowed to enter, says the makers of the Green-Zone app, that supplies an app aimed at providing information real-time where vehicles are able to enter emissions zones in order to avoid a potential €68-130 fine.

Driving ban:

  •  Paris: For Tuesday 23.07.2019 driving bans have already been imposed, which the local prefect has decided yesterday. The prefecture has banned the badge classes 3, 4 and 5 from traffic in the metropolitan area of Paris, which would affect about 3 million vehicles that are no longer allowed to drive from 5.30 am onwards. The driving bans are also expected to continue on the following days. The local public transport offers a discounted day ticket for only 3.80 euros, which is valid until the next day at 3 am.
  •  Lyon: Driving bans for a weather-related zone in and around the cities of Lyon, Villeurbane and Caluire-et-Cuire have been activated. Vehicles without a Crit’Air badge or with badge classes 5, 4 and 3 are prohibited from driving starting on Tuesday, the 23rd of July 2019. The local public transport ÖVPN is already offering the purchase of a ticket (Tick’air Karte), already valid today, with which you can drive through the city all day for 3 euros.

Early warnings:

  •  Grenoble: If the air quality will deteriorate in the next days, vehicles without Crit’Air badge or with badge classes 5 and 4 will be affected by the driving ban.
  •  Isère: In this department, where the Grenoble Metropole is, the Crit’Air vignette will be mandatory for all vehicles. This also applies to all highways in the region in the event of persistent air pollution.
  •  Marseille: Those who did not have a Crit’Air vignette in Marseille few weeks ago could still thank the police for their goodwill. The grace period for fines is now over! The authorities have warned to get a Crit’Air vignette.

In the Green-Zones app, you can check in real time where you are allowed to drive.

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