Fleet optimisation demand triples during COVID-19 crisis

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A 300% increase in optimisation enquiries since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis has been seen, according to fleet management software startup Pulpomatic.

Javier Arambarri, co-founder (left) and Evaristo Babé, CEO and co-founder.

Javier Arambarri, co-founder (left) and Evaristo Babé, CEO and co-founder.

The current uncertainty scenario has forced transportation and services companies to actively seek for cost reduction and efficiency initiatives, with a strong focus on digitalisation. In addition, industry predictionspoint towards a 15% decrease in logistics at the same time as exponential growth in ecommerce.

The most common areas of interest include saving in maintenance and fuel costs, gaining control over the fleet so that it is possible to know the status of each vehicle, route efficiency and preventing fraud, are the most common demands, the Pulpomatic team found.

According to Pulpomatic, digitalisation and efficiency are crucial to overcome the new scenario, where companies are moving forward in a matter of months, implementing changes would have taken years under normal circumstances.

“Businesses are now looking for extreme efficiency measures”, explains Evaristo Babé, CEO and co-founder at Madrid-based Pulpomatic.

“Now is the time to do more with much less. Many companies have realised that they need to think outside the box in order to succeed by changing the way they used to manage fleets.”

Pulpomatic develops software that centralises all the information generated by the fleet in one single platform. It is integrated with all external suppliers, as well as other softwares, and offers a series of tools for an integral management of all fleet operations.

“Our biggest asset is that we don’t have our own hardware, which means that we are fully independent and transparent. We don’t aim for companies to buy any other product or service. On top of that, with our platform, it is possible to centralise all operations and spot inefficiencies, as it merges all sources of data”, Babé followed.

“This situation has caused for many tools to become obsolete, now that it is critical to opt for cloud solutions. On the other hand, monthly subscriptions are much valued by users, meaning that they don’t have to do a big investment at the beginning, unlike other pricey solutions requiring a huge deployment. Pulpomatic is the example of a living tool, totally adjustable to each operational system, growing with them, client support included”, describes Pulpomatic CEO.

Pulpomatic was founded in 2017 in Mexico and also operates in Spain to serve the United States and Western Europe.

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