GASAG and Ubitricity partner to offer new e-mobility solutions

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GASAG and Ubitricity want to promote electromobility in cities with smart EV charge cables and pay-per-koliwatt-hour electricity tariffs.

GASAG and Ubitricity cooperate to bring new EV products and costings

GASAG and Ubitricity cooperate to bring new EV products and costings

The cooperation of the two Berlin-based companies now makes it possible to acquire a charging cable with in-built meter with a mobile power contract for e-vehicles, which works like a conventional electricity contract the companies said.

The contract consists a monthly fee of €9.90 and a kilowatt-hour price of 30 Euro cents.

At specific charge points, the process is recorded and billed with the kilowatt-hour price using the electricity meter built into the cable.

Together with Ubitricity, GASAG is also offering charge points at home or work. The so-called SimpleSocket is said to be simple to install and when used in conjunction with the smart cable with in-built meter, GASAG says users will be charged accurately and transparently for the electricity used by their plug-in vehicle.

“We at GASAG have already shown our commitment to the traffic revolution with our E-smart leasing offer, for our customers and also for the city of Berlin.” Said Matthias Trunk, GASAG Sales Director. Trunk continued, “We are thrilled to be able to offer Ubitricity range of products and services that enable us to make electromobility accessible to everyone.”

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