Bosch launches major pan-European recharging network

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Bosch has developed one of the biggest pan-European recharging networks, which drivers can access from one central app platform, spanning 150,000 charge spots in 16 European countries, including the UK.

Drivers can use their smartphones to find more than 150,000 charge spots in 16 European countries, including the UK

Drivers can use their smartphones to find more than 150,000 charge spots in 16 European countries, including the UK

Bosch is offering its recharging solutions to private and business customers, who can register using the proprietary Bosch app “Charge My EV” to access the array of multi-national charge points. The app is used to register, recharge and pay, and is said to feature cost transparency.

“With our recharging services, we are developing a universal key to one of the biggest pan-European recharging networks. In doing so, we are making electromobility even more viable,” says Elmar Pritsch, the president of the Connected Mobility Solutions division of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Bosch adds that its network and app is designed to take away the difficulties in fair cost comparison between the various recharging networks, by offering clear cost breakdowns at individual charge spots, and what terms and conditions apply.

The company is also aiming to end the need for multiple charge point access [RFID] cards, with 45% of all electric-car drivers using between two and four different cards to access different chargers, and 15% who have more than five cards, according to data collated by NewMotion.

Payments are also said to be made simpler, with credit card details pre-stored via the app, and users provided with a monthly statement of recharging costs.

Bosch is additionally working on developing a new integrated AI-led navigation and recharging solution, which it says allows car markers and fleet operators to keep drivers and electric vehicles constantly up-to-date on remaining range and where they can recharge their battery. If the originally planned charge spot is found to be occupied, a new recharging stop is automatically rescheduled and the navigation system reprogrammed. Moreover, recommended routes and charge spots are adapted to drivers’ personal preferences. This can include the option to only use rapid chargers, or slower fast chargers, for example.

Drivers can also instruct the system to look for charge spots close to restaurants or with free Wi-Fi.

The Bosch solutions for recharging electric cars can also be used as a white-label solution to integrate the recharging network into fleets’ own apps, or directly into their vehicles’ infotainment systems. The system can be supplemented by non-public charge points, for example at a fleet’s premises. Here Bosch takes care of incorporating the charge spots, partner management, and billing, and makes the necessary IT infrastructure available.

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