Commercial vehicle registrations down 36.7% five months into 2020

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May 2020 saw the biggest decrease, expectedly, across EU commercial vehicle registrations with a decrease of 44.4%, with an overall 36.7% reduction for the first five months of the year, latest figures from ACEA indicate.

Last month, demand for vans fell by 41.3% to 92,604 units

Last month, demand for vans fell by 41.3% to 92,604 units

The decline was less pronounced in May than in April, as measures to contain COVID-19 were relaxed. Demand fell across all commercial vehicle segments, contributing to the sharp decline recorded last month. Looking at the four largest markets of the EU, Spain (-59.0%) and Germany (-47.9%) saw the biggest losses in May, followed by Italy (-36.5%) and France (-35.0%).

Five months into the year, demand for new commercial vehicles reduced by 36.7%. Each of the 27 EU markets posted double-digit percentage drops so far this year, with Lithuania (-55.7%) and Spain (-49.3%) showing the highest.

Last month, demand for vans fell by 41.3% to 92,604 units. Compared to the month before, when sharp drops of more than 80% were posted, Spain (-58.7%), Italy (-35.3%) and France (-32.9%) saw a slight recovery of the market. Germany, on the other hand, recorded a higher percentage decline (-45.5%) than in April.

From January to May, the EU market for new light commercial vehicles contracted by 36.4%. Among the four major markets, Spain suffered the biggest drop in demand (-51.2%), followed by Italy (-42.4%), France (-40.3%) and Germany (-26.6%).

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