Ionity installs 100th 350kW rapid charger in Europe

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The Ionity network – backed by Volkswagen Group, BMW, Daimler and Ford – has installed its 100th high-power charging site in Rygge, Norway.

Ionity HPC's offer 350kW charge rates, or around 7x the speed of today's 50kW DC chargers

Ionity HPC’s offer 350kW charge rates, or around 7x the speed of today’s 50kW DC chargers

The new charging park is operated by one of Ionity’s international site partners, Circle K. As with many Ionity HPC charging stations, Rygge’s current capacity of six charging points and charging technology offers both 350kW charging power and is equipped with the European Charging Standard Combined Charging System (CCS), as used by European car manufacturers but not popular EVs including the Nissan Leaf that instead uses CHAdeMO.

A further six charging points are prepared, with space to expand to up to 12 HPC stations if required. Overall, the Circle K site currently offers 52 DC charging points for all providers.

“We are pleased to have achieved another important milestone for Ionity. Rygge is an ideal stop-off and charging location for those travelling from Oslo to Gothenburg, Malmø, Copenhagen and Hamburg. In addition we have secured agreements with renewable energy suppliers in nine countries and are able to offer our customers green energy. ” said Dr. Marcus Groll, COO of Ionity.

“Currently, there are a further 51 sites under construction and most recently our first stations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland and Italy have come online and are now open for business. For about 95% of the planned stations, the contracts with the respective site owners have already been signed,” Dr Groll continued.

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