Residual value analysis: Hyundai i30

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The latest vehicle to fall under the resale spotlight is the Hyundai i30. Dominic Galati passes judgement on the Korean C-segment contender.

Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30

What the manufacturer said at launch:

The New Generation Hyundai i30 is the DNA car for Hyundai Motor representing the core of the brand in Europe. The new i30 delivers great value to single people, families, young and old. It is a smart and rewarding choice for those seeking an appealing design, an efficient and dynamic ride and a comprehensive safety package. Its quality and reliability are guaranteed by the unique, industry-leading 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

What BF Forecasts say now:

The benchmark for Hyundai with its i30 has always been the Volkswagen Golf. Looking purely at the MSRP of the actual model from Hyundai, the mission is accomplished. With regards quality and equipment, the i30 meets the expectations and even exceeds them in many respects. However, the i30 is not a Golf, even if the residual values have improved. It would be recommendable to maintain one of the main virtues of the model: affordability in combination with appealing design.

About the residual value grades

The residual value grades assess the residual value performance of the car model in question. Additional to the grades, a short statement addresses some of the car’s characteristics or other factors, which are relevant to its residual value performance. The residual value grades are calculated according to their residual value percentages and the monetary depreciation within three years after the purchase as a new car, considering a common mileage for the respective segment. The performance is put in relation to the residual value performance of competitor models.

About BF Forecasts

BF Forecasts is an independent supplier of accurate and transparent residual value forecasts as well as used car value data for the past and current used car market. BF Forecasts has been providing such data to leasing companies (both captive and non-captive), OEMs, NSCs, major company fleets as well as to insurance and investment companies inside and outside of Europe since 1998.

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