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Shell Power of Data survey: How attitudes to telematics are changing fast

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In the third of our exclusive surveys, Shell and Fleet World analysed attitudes to telematics and emerging connected technologies from 252 industry executives to see how data is affecting the way they run their …

Briefing: Findings from The Leasing Forum 2018

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Whether it is the ownership vs usership debate or the overall concept of mobility as a service (MaaS), the leasing industry needs to be ready for change in the automotive sector. By John Challen.

Trump’s tariffs – the impact on fleets

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With his ‘America First’ mantra, President Trump is trying to protect his own county’s economy by proposing tariffs on a wide range of products – including imported passenger cars. Our man in North America, …

Lighten up: How vehicle developments are driving more cost-effective fleets

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New lightweight materials and body structures – and production techniques – are leading to more cost-effective vehicle fleets. By Dave Moss.

Profile: Seat

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Seat’s sales increases are testament to a brand on the move, with a new and popular SUV range, worldwide sales ambitions and the brand serving as Volkswagen Group’s spearhead in emerging markets.

Fleet Focus: Sweden

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Brian Madsen, Autorola Sweden’s country manager explains the massive hike in sales in June and how export is helping balance a restricted demand for used diesels.

Manufacturer Profile: Citroën

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Prestige, quirky, innovative, cheap, luxurious – the French manufacturer has been called every name in the book and produced some of the most recognisable vehicles ever created. International Fleet World delves into the oft-strange …

Country Focus: Portugal

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Autorola Portugal country manager Miguel Vassalo looks at how data science is a powerful tool to make smarter business decisions in a country where diesel sales remain very strong.

Whatever happened to hydrogen?

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The number of battery electric passenger car models continues to rise as diesel demand drops. But are other alternatives a viable solution to future transportation needs? Dave Moss investigates.

Taking care of business: Arval CCO Bart Beckers on cross-border risk management 

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Risk management is an integral part of fleet operations but can be a challenge for companies operating across borders. Bart Beckers, chief commercial officer of Arval, explains to Curtis Hutchinson how businesses are addressing …

Business Mobility: More than a lease car

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Kevin Loeffelbein, senior manager future mobility, Capgemini Invent, and Manuel Schneider, business strategy manager, Alphabet International, on the changing face of fleet management.

Manufacturer Profile: Jaguar Land Rover

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A British phenomenon, Jaguar Land Rover is as instantly recognisable today for its prestige brand offering, as it is for its heritage vehicles that made its name. Today, the company is undergoing unprecedented change…

Manufacturer Profile: Honda

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Last year, Honda managed to overtake Hyundai to 5th place in the global automotive market rankings. The Japanese company is now setting its sights on the next chapter, with a clear new electric vision.

Spotlight: Jeep Wrangler

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The plethora of modern interpretations of the SUV hasn’t stopped the original models of cars fitting that description doing what they do best. The latest example, reports John Challen, is the Jeep Wrangler.

The fight for cyber security

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Today’s vehicles have a huge amount of computer power and future autonomous and connected cars will see this level increase. This means the fight against those trying to hack into them becomes even harder. …

Global automotive sales in focus: June

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Established automotive markets were mostly responsible for a 4.2% increase in sales in June, while South America and Eastern Europe struggled. By John Challen.

Manufacturer Profile: Nissan

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From electric cars to popular crossovers, Nissan has observed a miraculous recovery from its near-bankruptcy in 1999. Today, it is part of the world’s largest automotive alliance, selling the lion’s share of 10.6 million units.

Country focus: UK

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Jon Mitchell, group sales director for Autorola UK, discusses growth of used cars and consumer finance in the UK and how online is becoming the sales channel of choice for vendors.

Manufacturer Profile: Toyota

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Regarded as being at the forefront of innovation, Toyota has led from the front with electrification and hybrid sales reached more than 1.5 million in 2017, contributing heavily to the global giant’s income. However, …

An optimum approach to daily rental

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For companies requiring daily rental services across different countries and regions, the best options are sole and primary suppliers. Curtis Hutchinson asks the leading providers to state their cases.

Feature: Evolutions in leasing

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The ability to keep staff moving on a local, regional or national level can be a challenge. Dave Moss looks at how more flexible vehicle procurement options are helping to ease the pain.

Global warning: How multinational fleets can drive road safety

4 months ago / 0 comments

Companies running global fleets, or expecting staff to drive abroad on business, need to have driver training programmes in place to safeguard employees, be socially responsible and drive down costs. Curtis Hutchinson reports.

A clear vision on mobility: the challenges facing our cities

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A recent report by Arthur D. Little found cities still need to work intensively on improvements to their mobility systems. Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove, partner at the firm, looks at the findings.

Country focus: Italy

4 months ago / 0 comments

Thomas Andresen, Autorola Italy’s country manager, says growing new car sales give a false picture of the country’s automotive industry.

Country focus: USA

4 months ago / 0 comments

Dick Dennis, Autorola USA’s country manager, shares his thoughts on how the American markets for new and used car and light trucks are faring under the Trump administration.

How OnStar has changed the way fleets, drivers and vehicles interact

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The global rollout of OnStar has changed the way fleet drivers can interact with their vehicles and how managers can extend their duty of care. Curtis Hutchinson asks what’s next for the telematics offering.

High impact: How technology is raising repair costs

6 months ago / 0 comments

New technology is driving collision repair costs upwards. Dave Moss finds out why and what can be done to stop the trend.

Feature: How much risk are your drivers exposed to?

7 months ago / 0 comments

A fleet manager’s main concern is typically the vehicle, but what about the driver? Klaus Allion, managing director at ANT Telecom, warns not to underestimate health and wellbeing of those behind the wheel.

The French winning formula for used cars

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France is beginning to change its mindset to online selling, says Autorola France country manager Pierre Emmanuel Beau.

Remarketing notes: Land Rover Discovery

8 months ago / 1 comments

Dieter Fess analyses the resale value of Land Rover’s seven-seat family SUV Discovery.