Zego expands into Europe following partnership with Engineius

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London-based insurtech Zego has partnered with vehicle movement firm Engineius enabling it to extend its reach across 30 European countries.

Zego offers a range of policies from minute-by-minute insurance to annual cover

Zego offers a range of policies from minute-by-minute insurance to annual cover

Zego will provide a first-of-its-kind pay-per-mile policy for Engineius’ 35 fleet customers, covering its drivers on a range of vehicles up to 32 tonnes under just one product – traditionally a complex area which requires various policies from different insurers.

For Engineius, which was previously only able to collect and deliver vehicles from Europe to the UK by transported means, the partnership has enabled it to offer driven movement services outside the UK for the first time. This will help the firm cut costs, improve efficiency and do more business with existing clients, including Hertz and Drover.

Both companies will also benefit from their shared focus on data. Engineius currently records journeys through GPS tracking, speed monitoring and timestamping and this approach gives Zego and its underwriters confidence that driver behaviour is being monitored and recorded.

Since launching in 2018, Engineius has acquired customers across all major automotive sectors, including corporate fleet, leasing, rental, dealership and servicing. Its business model is entirely on demand – ordering takes 30 seconds, the user is quoted a price for their movement and Engineius manages everything after the order is submitted. Every vehicle movement is tracked and managed in real-time using Engineius’ mobile app and desktop portal.

Zego was founded in 2016 to provide flexible insurance for the ‘gig-economy’ and has since expanded its usage-based products to the B2B market to cater for the growth of new mobility services. Its bespoke models are already having a profound impact on self-employed delivery and transport workers in the UK, as well as innovative car-leasing businesses, including Splend and WeFlex.

Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego, said: “Up until now, the insurance industry has failed to truly cater to its business model. By working with Zego, we believe they have opened the door to exciting growth opportunities and we’re very happy to be part of this journey.

“The partnership has also allowed us to gain a foothold in a new area of the mobility sector and once again, we have proven our credentials as an insurtech which can create products to suit any type of business.”

Calum Slowther, head of business development at Engineius, said: “The partnership with Zego will help us to create a more seamless experience for both our customers and our drivers and is a crucial building block to future growth across Europe.

“Like Zego, we are a hugely ambitious company, providing a service which operates in the background but is essential to a large portion of the automotive industry. We believe this synergy will be the foundation of a lasting and valuable partnership.”

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