French True Fleet rebound continues

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After the shaky first four months of 2017, France’s True Fleet has shown continued growth for the past five consecutive months, according to the latest DataForce numbers.

Peugeot 3008 SUVs

French True Fleet rebound continues

The +7.1% True Fleet September figure has helped push the year-to-date (YtD) growth to 5.4%. Total market finished up with more than 170,000 registrations, which is a 1.1% rise over last September’s figures.

Private market growth stood at 1%, while Special Channels were negative at -3.5%.

There was no change for the top 4 in the top ten OEMs list, with the home-made brands dominating as usual – Renault (+23.1%), Peugeot (+14.9%), Citroen followed by Volkswagen.

In fifth spot was Audi, sixth BMW, seventh Ford, eighth Mercedes-Benz and Toyota ninth.

This left Opel to round out the top ten following an impressive +27.5% growth for the month with all models selling as well as each other. The Vivaro saw a +93.5% growth in PC registrations, while the Mokka saw +66.2% and the Crossland X appears to be gaining momentum too, DataForce added.

A special mention of Peugeot’s 2008, 3008 and 5008 models that both started out life in 2009 as MPVs but have since been reinvented as SUVs was made, with the 3008 nearly doubling its best year on record already with +313.3% registrations YtD over 2016 figures. The 5008 saw a rise of +59.8% and the 2008 model increased registrations by +17.8%. The combination of all three models delivers 45.1% of Peugeots YtD True Fleet Market share and 32.3% of the True Fleet SUV share, indicating SUVs are still very much on-trend.DataForce France September 2017

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